The Season Of Change - Use It To Prepare


As autumn chases away the summer breeze with a chill wind, you might want to think about what this transitional season means for you. Essentially, it’s a sign and an opportunity that you should be preparing for the harshest season of the year: winter. The cold months can be hard on not just you, but your house too. It’s a good idea to save yourself the trouble of having to deal with repairs once winter is over, and instead do the necessary work beforehand. Take the hint from nature and get started.


Check out the roof


If a part of your roof is already flimsy, it’s best to know about it in order to take the appropriate action. If you feel confident and safe doing so, use a ladder to inspect your roof for missing and damaged shingles. In the case that you do encounter a problem, you can hire someone to fix it up (like a Skilled Doer from JobJar).

Don’t doubt that the repair cost will only be higher if you wait until spring to deal with it.


Don’t rake the leaves


It may be counter-intuitive, but it’s better to mulch your leaves when you mow the lawn instead of raking them, and leave the remains scattered across your lawn. This will accomplish two things: Getting rid of the leaves and nourishing your grass over the winter as the leaves decompose. It’s a very cheap way to get a head start on fertilizing later in the year.


Clean your gutters


As mentioned in a previous article, cleaning out your gutters of debris is a good way to prevent damage to the system. This applies especially as the seasons change, when weather patterns are also transitioning. If you feel safe doing so, go up to your roof using a ladder and clean out your gutters.

You will need the following:

  • A hand shovel

  • Buckets

  • A garden hose and a gutter cleaning attachment

  • Gutter sealant


Remember that ladders are dangerous and if you aren’t experienced it’s safer to hire someone to help you.

If you do decide to explore the gutters, these are some steps you can follow:

  • Clear away twigs and leaves

  • Get rid of any dirt that you can

  • Use the hose to rinse out rest of the buildup

  • Use gutter sealant on leaks


Now’s the time for planting


Fall is the right time for planting bulbs that you’re hoping to see in the spring! Some of the best ones are tulips, daffodils, and crocus. Make sure that when you plant, the soil is loose, and you can add compost and such to make sure your bulbs have enough nutrition.

Also, ensure that you are planting the bulbs roots-down (the pointy side up, known as the nose).

Remember that different bulbs need different depths when being planted! Find out what your plants need to grow as best as they can.


Organize your garage



Seeing as you probably want to clean your garage before the dust begins to settle down for several months, you may as well reconsider the placement of objects around the space. For example, move shovels and leaf blowers to the front of your equipment, and change your lawnmower’s oil as well as sharpen its blades.


Fall is a beautiful season, but it goes by incredibly quickly. Use it to your advantage to brace yourself for winter, so that you aren’t taken by surprise and have to make a mad dash to get yourself situated.  Getting into the habit of doing this each year can truly make your life easier.





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