Is Your Honey-Do List Enormous? Here Are Three Tips To Not Let It Overwhelm You



Everyone should help out around the house, right? Even the little ones can do things like set the table or try to keep their toys tidy. But when it comes to the decision-makers of the family, it can get trickier. Someone has to cook, clean, repair things, take out the trash, etc. It’s only fair that the house’s workload gets split pretty evenly between the adults. Usually (not always), what ends up happening is that the wife deals with the day-to-day tasks, while the husband takes on the maintenance of the house.


The latter situation has come to be known as the “Honey-Do List”. The “honey”, or husband, essentially is assigned tasks by his wife that are necessary to keep the household running smoothly. However, sometimes these things can pile up and become an intimidating mass of chores that might not get done due to the lack of time knowledge or tools.

So, how do you avoid getting overwhelmed by the Honey-Do List? Well, you’ll find three handy tips below.


1. Be Reasonable - Prioritize


As the one creating the Honey-Do List, you can help your partner out by only listing the most immediate concerns/things that need to get done. For example, instead of putting down:

  • Clean gutters

  • Fix squeaky door

  • Re-paint fences

You could only write down the most urgent one, which would probably be cleaning the gutters, so that it’ll be easier for your partner to focus and feel that the task is achievable, maybe even easy. If there is a big task that needs to get done, write only that for the time being, to make it clear that it is the most important one.

If you have smaller tasks, write three or so at a time to ensure that it’s not too much, but it’s also enough to make some progress. There might come a time when the list is practically empty, but don’t rush to fill in the blank with things that aren’t very significant. It’s important to also leave some slots of time for your husband to feel he can relax at home and spend time with the family.

Before writing down a task, consider:

  • Is it urgent?

  • Do we need to hire someone for this?

  • Is this addition one too many?

By being thoughtful, you’ll find it easier to make the list fair and reasonable, and therefore it will be more likely to get finished. Here is a free, downloadable Honey-Do List to help you out



2.Lend A Helping Hand


Offering help is a good way to make the task entrusted to your “honey” less of a chore and more of a bonding opportunity. Of course, this is only if you are done your daily duties, because those are plenty of work on their own. If you are free, you can help and get the task done faster. Sometimes the entrusted house maintainer can feel gloomy because they are losing time with their family in order to complete the assigned task. You can change this by helping them out and giving them company. Furthermore, it’s always a good idea to learn how to do things around the house, in case you ever have to do them yourself. Some tasks that can be done by two people at once are:

  • Fixing a TV issue (help identify cables, hold flashlights, etc.)

  • Painting (window frames, door frames, fences, taping the edges, etc.)

  • Washing the car (everyone can contribute, just hand out extra rags and buckets of soapy water)

Helping out will ensure that the task gets done faster, you learn something new, and the process becomes more bearable. In general, things seem less overwhelming with someone beside you that is willing to help, and you can be this person for your partner as they get the house functions back in order.


3.Turn To A Professional


Finally, don’t overestimate your husband’s handyman skills (unless he really is a handyman). If a task is unsafe for your partner to attempt on his own, don’t encourage him to. Even if it’s not unsafe, your husband may not have the necessary skills or equipment to deal with a problem. Sometimes the best decision is to hire a professional to get the job done, so, that it’s an efficient and safe endeavour. Three common tasks that are always recommended to get the help of a professional include the following:

  • Plumbing

  • Electrical

  • Roofing

There are many Skilled Doers at JobJar who can assist you with household repairs, should you need the help.


Your “honey” can only do so much, and you can help them feel less stressed by assigning tasks that they can actually handle safely and without too much trouble.


It is important to stay on top of all the household chores that need to be completed in order  to make sure that you can maintain a functional home and a good quality of life. However, just remember that having a balanced life between family and chores is a key factor to maintaining a healthy relationship as well, especially after putting a check mark on that task that was on the back of your mind for the past few weeks.  


Follow those handy tips above and don’t let the Honey-Do List, or anything else, overwhelm you without necessity.





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