What should I quote?

We truly believe in independence, which is why we encourage you to choose your own jobs and what you quote on them. Becoming a Skilled Doer means that you use our platform to get leads, but have no obligation to do anything other than rock the projects you get awarded!

That being said, we know you want to get the most leads possible. We've done some research: Homeowners award the most jobs to Skilled Doers who quote between  $50 to $150 for small home projects, or quote between $50-$80 hourly. It is most common to charge hourly, but you can also charge per project.

The most common jobs posted are in the following categories:


  • Handyman

  • Plumbing

  • Painting/Wall finishing 

  • Flooring 

  • Electrical

Based on these categories, here are the average pricing recommendations for you, based on the size of the project and estimated amount of time involved. ​


  • Small Jobs: 

    • 1-2 hours $77-$154 average

  • Medium Jobs:

    • 2-4 hours, $154-$308 average

  • Large Jobs: 

    • 4+ hours, $308 on up

Here are some average quotes on common projects: 


  • Hall light installation: $65

  • Change toilet valve: $75

  • Bathroom faucet installation: $90

  • Hang ceiling fan (normal height): $100

  • Hang ceiling fan (second story height): $250

  • Install garbage disposal: $150

  • Install toilet bowl: $150

  • Install kitchen sink: $250-$300

It's important to remember that many small home projects equals thousands of dollars in your pocket! That being said, it is up to your discretion and dependent on the scope of the job, and is always up to you to decide!

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