Is not being insured worth the risk?


JobJar prides itself on empowering small, local businesses, and TruShield Insurance has partnered with us to help protect our local, independent Skilled Doers!


Small business insurance is easy, even if you’re just getting started!

No business is ever too small for insurance protection, so what’s stopping you?

Have you avoided small business insurance because you think it might be expensive? TruShield Insurance can help make it affordable. Starting from as little as $42 per month, TruShield offers a full range of coverage options to help protect Canadian small businesses, entrepreneurs and start-ups, including: Commercial General Liability, Property and Cyber Risk coverage.

Have you avoided small business insurance because you fear it might be complicated?
With TruShield, you can protect your small business online, in just a few minutes, with just a few steps:


1). Tell us about your business.
2). Get a customized insurance quote.

3). Finalize your policy and purchase, and you’re done!

Yes, it’s that easy.

But if you prefer a bit more detail, here you go:

Log on to and click “Get a Quote”.

STEP 2: They will ask you a few questions so it’s easy to select the coverage that best suits your needs.

STEP 3: Whether your quote has been completed online or by phone, simply review the details, make your purchase, and YOU’RE INSURED!


Remember, the financial impact from an uninsured loss could be greater for smaller businesses! What kind of coverage do you need for your small business? Is deciding not to have insurance worth the risk? 

Yes, it’s that easy. So again we’ll ask, what’s stopping you? If you’d like to learn more, visit or speak with a TruShield Advisor by calling toll-free: 1.844.429.9482. 

Getting a quote has never been faster. Take the 5 minutes and get a quote today!

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