How Much Would That Cost Series: little handy jobs!



We all have those little jobs that seem too small to pay to have done. We prove that no job is too small! 

An AirBNB needed a pick-me-up with:


  • Updating shelving (painting and hanging)

  • Fixing a closet door 

  • Repairing a baseboard that has water damage

  • Fixing deadbolts 

  • Installing new door knobs

  • Switching fridge handle

  • Fixing a leaking faucet 

We asked three of our Skilled Doers what they would quote to fix all of these projects! What do you need to know?


1). What materials do you need?

When you have multiple  jobs, it is important to keep track of all of the materials you need for each project. The quotes provided by the Skilled Doers usually only include the labour and will increase if material is needed as well.


2). How long will it take?

 This project was  quoted on based on an hourly basis! If everything will take 7-8 hours, this will be based on an estimation by the Skilled Doer.

3). How much will it cost? Our three Skilled Doers quoted:

  • Skilled Doer A: $346

  • Skilled Doer B: $462

  • Skilled Doer C: $433

    What's holding you back from getting everything done at once?

Pro tip:  Look into how much detail the Skilled Doer provides in the quote! 


What you pay doesn’t always matches the quality of work you get, yet we always recommend that you take the time to look over the Skilled Doer's reviews and expertise before awarding your job! 

Create my job!

What’s stopping you from getting all of your small jobs done in one go? You’ve seen our quotes from our Skilled Doers: Let's just get it done!


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