Why not include your home in your New Year's Resolution?


The end of yet another calendar year marks, for a lot of us, the chance for improvement in many areas of one’s life. However, the new year is not only a time for goals about one’s time management and exercise habits. You can put your renewed motivation to use around the house too. Your home has more than a few things you could refine, in order to set it up for the rest of the year.


Unclog the shower heads



Sometimes minerals in the water you use to shower can accumulate and make for reduced flow efficiency. You can fix this problem by inserting the shower-head in question into a certain homemade solution.

How to do it:

  • Get a large resealable bag.

  • Pour one cup of white vinegar into the bag.

  • Add about the same amount of water to dilute the vinegar, unless you need to do some more heavy-duty unclogging.

  • Tie the bag to the shower arm with a rubber band.

  • Ensure the shower head is completely submerged in the solution.

  • Check shower flow after a half hour. Be careful not to leave the bag too long, to avoid the vinegar eating away at plastic parts in the head.

  • Leave the bag for another half hour if necessary.

Make the dishwasher squeaky clean


Over the course of the year, the dishwasher can collect different minerals from the hard water it uses, aside from food particles. The solution for this sort of buildup is identical to the one above: vinegar.


Pour a cup of vinegar directly into the dishwasher, where you normally place plates, and set the dishwasher to full cycle. To get rid of the vinegar scent more quickly, open windows and turn on fans.


This is a good cleaning method to use on a monthly basis.


Clear up your kitchen’s garbage disposal


While you’re in the kitchen, clean your kitchen sink garbage disposal. One of the best ways to do this is to use frozen vinegar.


Pour some vinegar into an ice tray and let it freeze. Then, you can put the cubes through the disposal. This will tidy up down there, and the ice will also help sharpen up the blades.


Make yourself fire-ready


Even in winter, house fires occur, and can be even more deadly if you get stuck outside in freezing temperatures.


If you don’t already have a fire extinguisher, it’s not only a good idea to get one, but a matter of safety. If you do already have one, inspect it.


This is very easy: check that it’s in an easily accessible place, make sure that it doesn’t have any tears or worn spots, and make sure the pressure gauge is good.


This is also something you should check every month or so. Ensure that everyone in the house knows how to use the extinguisher, and knows which possible exits to take in case of a fire.


Let yourself focus on indoor projects


Seeing as you are often stuck inside the house during the winter, or simply don’t feel inclined to go outside, it’s actually a great time to carry out indoor tasks. Any repairs that you may have been putting off can be dealt with now.


Also, if you feel productive or restless, you can paint walls, build end tables, and altogether spice up the look of your home on the inside.


After all, in the summer, you’ll likely focus on the exterior of your home.


Check your furnace filters


This is a good thing to do routinely, to make sure your furnace is running smoothly and possibly decrease utility bills. Check the filters regularly, and replace them accordingly. Depending on the thickness of the filters you use, you could be changing them every two months (if you have a four-inch thick filter) or less often. If you have animals at home, chances are you should be replacing your filters with more frequency, depending on how many you have and how much they shed.


Test your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors


This is a very simple task. All you need to do is press the “test” button on your detectors, and listen. If the alarm goes off, you know it’s working. If it doesn’t, try replacing the batteries and clean the battery terminal if that doesn’t work. However, if the detector still isn’t going off, that’s your cue to replace it.


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