Got a builder grade home? 10 tips to upgrade it without breaking the bank

We’ve all thought about what our ideal home would look like, but . Sure, some of the ideas can get pretty unrealistic, but even the doable ones get forgotten once you pick your house. Maybe you just think it’s pointless to try to find your dream features in a regular house, or you have to settle for something a little different than you might have hoped for. Whatever the case, don’t lose hope! You can still apply certain features to your house that’ll make it look more glamorous, and maybe even make it resemble the house you previously hoped for. Below are 10  tips to help you bring your house to the next level.


1. Bring your ceilings to life - With killer lights!

Having lights in your house is a very practical and necessary thing, but it doesn’t have to stop there. You can make your house look much more interesting simply by having unconventional light bulb holders - especially ones that can be dimmed to suit different occasions! Hanging lights tend to be the most aesthetically pleasing, and come in a wide variety of styles. If you don’t want to change all of your lights, choose which spaces might need to upgrade the most: usually the kitchen and living room are the best suited ones.


2. Reinvent your flooring

Sometimes your house’s floors can end up irreversibly scratched and dull, no matter how hard you scrub or what products you buy. Even if your floors are perfectly functional, it may be time for a change that will add some much-needed flavour. Replacing wooden kitchen floors for tile is a very good idea, while you might want dark hardwood floors for the dining room and entryway. A springy carpet is sure to make your living room more cozy and inviting. Your floors might not be as noticed as other features of your house, but that can be a good thing, because it’ll add a subtle but elegant change to your home.


3. Make way for stylish sinks


This upgrade leaves lots of room for creativity! You could do anything from interestingly carved taps to unconventionally shaped drains. At any rate, your sinks can be much more exciting than a traditional marble or stainless steel combination. The water falling into the sink could resemble a mini waterfall, by implementing a flat spout. The sink itself could be clear glass, or it could be shaped uniquely ( in a spiral, a heart, or a nearly flat platform). The change will make washing your hands more appealing, not to mention spice up the bathroom itself!


4. Outfit your windows


You can add flair to your windows if you feel that they are too plain by repainting the frames or by adding curtains. You could even do both! For your window frames, you’ll want to pick a colour that stands out slightly against your walls, and that maybe matches another aspect of your house. The curtains should be a material that is easy to pull aside and have tied up, because that’s when the curtains will be most effective at framing your windows. Again, you should pick a colour that will match some other aspect of your house, and make sure that you’ll like that shade of light entering your house. By changing the look of your windows, you’ll make a nice frame for the view outside.


5. Add colour - Make it personal!


Go ahead and express your favourite colour all over your walls! It’s your house, you’re the one who has to live with its hues! You might just want to paint a few strategic walls, like the one behind the TV, or the one your bed is backed up against. You might want to choose colours that’ll brighten up the rooms, ( to make the place livelier. Adding your favourite colours to your home will give it a real sense of personality.


6. Mirror, mirror, on the wall


Adding mirrors around your house will make the space feel more spacious and elegant, and if they have ornate frames, it makes for an even better effect. Placing mirrors in the entryway is particularly nice for welcoming guests. They also look good on stretches of bare wall, or above the fireplace. Mirrors are shiny and sleek, while also managing to serve a purpose, and so they’ll make a tasteful addition to your home.


7.  Unique couch cushions


You can make your couches look more exciting with patterned cushions, or pillows that have your favourite quotes stitched on them. Parallel zigzag lines, floral designs, and sequins all make for an interesting change. Gold or bronze colours will ensure that the couch still looks elegant. You don’t need too many unique cushions to make your couches look distinguished!


8. Relax - in style!


Sometimes you need to sit and just breathe for a while, and how better to do it than in furniture that looks aesthetically pleasing? You can hang up a beautiful hammock in your backyard, or place a squashy armchair by the fire. You might even want to add a few beanbag chairs around the house. This will fill up empty space, while also providing several options for comfort.


9. Decorative plants - it’s organic!


Sometimes you can’t get outside often enough, because life can get very busy. And particularly during the winter, it can be comforting to have a little piece of the outside world in your house. Adding a plant that flows across your countertop, or that tumbles down from above a cabinet, really gives your house a lively and natural feeling. Cacti also looks very interesting around the house, and are easy to take care of! Plant life will contrast any modern features and appliances, which makes for a nice touch.


10. Elegant shelving


The act of placing beautiful shelves around the house will look good and tasteful in itself, if the shelves are dark and elegant. However,  you can spice it up even further by arranging items nicely on the different levels, such as souvenirs from your travels, family pictures, pretty crystals, rocks, and carved figurines or boxes. By doing this, you’ll not only be adding eye-catching things around the house, but you’ll also be displaying personality and character.


If you find you are struggling with ways to upgrade your house, or just want professional advice, you can get help from Skilled Doers at JobJar!


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