10 Best Household Tricks That Can Keep Your Home Neat and Tidy.

Spring has officially arrived at our doorsteps, and so has the enthusiasm to clean our houses and get them ready for summer. As we enter our home after a hectic day of work, dirty dishes, your little ones’ toys, scattered stuff around the rooms, clothes hanging on chairs… You get the point, not the ideal sight we would want to embrace for the summer. We procrastinate organizing the house until the weekends and this consumes precious family time. Have you heard before, ‘If I were organized, I’d be dangerous’? A well-kept house could do wonders for you , it could support organizing your thoughts and set your mind-set in the right direction. By dedicating little time each day, we could change the perception of the size of our home and make it look brighter and systematic.

The following is a list of the little household tricks that you could follow to keep your home neat and tidy:


1 Do your bedding at your own - yes, it’s not your mother talking!

 As you wake up in the morning, do not wait to do your bed later. It is your bed, your space to relax, make it feel welcoming for you after a long day at work. Make it a morning resolution to pull the sheets neatly and nicely dress your bed up. This may sound as an uphill task in the initial stage but it will make your room look very organized in the end.


2  A quick makeover of the washroom - 5 minutes a day can make all the difference.

As you get ready for work and finish brushing and bathing, keep the soaps in the soap-case and other stuff in place. There must be ‘A place for everything and everything must be at its place’. Wipe the wet floor and wipe off the residual water from the sink. Keep your clothes aside for laundry in a basket. The whole routine doesn’t take much time but works wonders to leave your washroom clean and tidy.


3 Keep a proper place for household stuff - have fun with it. Pinterest can help!

 One good trick to follow next it is… Yes! You got it, get yourself into a habit of keeping the most commonly used items back where they belong. This simple hack could do wonders for you in the kitchen, mudroom, bathroom and closets. Your kitchen utensils and ingredients will not only be easier to find, but will also help execute meals and clean up faster. So, get “pinteresting” and head down to your favourite Dollarstore to get your day to day items a proper place.


4 Dust does weigh! – It’s almost invisible, but boy… does it make your home feel heavy.  


Another household hack to keep your home feeling light, bright and clean is to dust off all the irrelevant stuff. A dust-free room not only feels tidy, but is healthy for your wellbeing. Dust accumulates into cracks and nooks, take a wet cloth when wiping so you can see what you are collecting. Somehow, it creates a sensation of satisfaction! Dusting off items can take some time, so, we recommend you tackle one room at a time/once a month. You will breath the difference.


5 Say ‘NO’ to shoes - Ladies don’t panic!

 No, we are not telling you to stop buying shoes! You’d be surprised to know that a vast majority of the dust enters your home via the shoes. And this dust takes it as a privilege to settle down on your furniture and the flashy floors. So, let’s be disciplined and say “no” to shoes in our home. Mark out a corner or a specific place in your home where you could put your shoes off. Organizing all the shoes at one place will make your room look neat and tidy.


6 Control the chaos by boxing and grouping non-essential items.

 Boxes are a great way to declutter and make the room feel spacious. Assigning a box for scattered items like office supplies, spices, utensils, pens and any small loose items is ideal when wanting to reduce de mess. Items like books, TV remote, and keys should have a place. Give yourself a few minutes to group items back into the place you’ve assigned.


7 Say no to big garbage cans and bags

Do not give dust and smells the control to stay at your home. Dispose the garbage daily and keep your home neat and clean. Don’t use large garbage container inside your home, the daily maintenance might sound as an uphill task, but as soon as you incorporate these daily household hacks in your daily routine, the secret to a healthy living isn’t much difficult to unveil.


8 Dishes, dishes and more dishes.

 Let’s be honest, cleaning dishes is an easy job. It’s when we empower it enough to become a monster sized pile- that it becomes so overwhelming to do. The more the stack piles up, the less you want to tackle it. Promote a clean sink, wash off small loads of utensils and dishes throughout the day, introduce them to the dishwasher, and run over the whole pile once it gets full and you have the appropriate time.


9 It’s a family effort.

 It is crucial to keep your family aligned with wanting to keep the house feeling light and tidy.  Promote a healthy team spirit, where each family member is responsible for the upkeep of a particular room in your home. It is imperative to teach kids to do their daily household tasks and assignments. Teach them the good habit of organizing their study books, clothes and toys. Incorporate the routine of placing their stuff back in the right place. As the common phrase says, “There must be a place for everything and everything must be at its place”.


10 Just get it done.

Yes! You read it correctly; Just get it done now. You will feel the difference after a long day’s work, and it really does not take that long if you follow the tips here.

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