This is how you can avoid winter damage! Follow these 8 tips


With insanely cold temperatures, chilling rain and tons of snow, winter can cause serious damages to your home if you’re not careful enough. It’s important to be prepared and do the proper maintenance in order to avoid winter damage in your house. At JobJar, we’ve prepared 8 easy tips that will get you through the cold season, so just get it done!


  1. Don’t overheat!


We recommend you to be careful when activating the heating system inside your home. Why? Well, it turns out that even when this helps to compensate the outside cold temperatures, it usually dries out the interior. As a consequence, you may find cracks in drywalls, heaved flooring, separating wood trims, doors that don't fit, and some other issues. So yeah, try to stay nice and toasty, but not too much!


2. Turn on those ceiling fans and draw fans


Remember that during winter you must use ceiling fans and draw fans to create air movement. If air isn’t circulating in the hose, you might end up with moisture accumulation in some rooms. This can be harmful to the structure and decoration of your home. To avoid this, we also recommend setting the furnace humidifier on a low to medium level (never high).


3. Check your forced-air gas furnace


Now, pay attention to this one (if you have a forced-air gas furnace). These heating devices can be very helpful, for sure, but you need to be sure they’re working well and not generating too much moisture. If you let this slide, you might face formation of mold and mildew, doors that stick, windows that steam, and humid environments within your home


4. Be careful with melted snow and chilling rain


It’s very common that water from melted snow and chilling rain gets inside the house without you noticing. The problem with this is that this can cause costly damage to both the structure and decoration of your home. However, this can be prevented by checking that all your house’s openings are tightly closed and without leaks. Especially in spaces like basements or attics, because it’s there where most of the invisible damage takes place.

And don’t forget to seal up crawl spaces! Why? Because melted snow and rain are great at causing damages when they seep through badly insulated crawl spaces. That’s why every vent must be closed, any holes have to be caulked or foamed and outside access must be sealed.


5. Prevent frozen pipes, a common winter damage issue


To avoid frozen pipes that may even explode if they’re not detected on time, try to keep them warm. But how? Easy! let the indoor heating reach cold spaces or cold walls. At JobJar, we also suggest adding extra insulation on pipes or installing heating equipment close to them. Our Skilled Doers can help you with that with just one click.


6. Keep your gutters clean


Having snow or ice build-up in the roof can become a serious problem that causes winter damage. As this buildup melts, water can’t drain through clogged gutters as it should. This causes leaks into your home’s structure, general deterioration in paint and roof tiling, tears in gutters and damage in solar installations.


But, hey, don’t panic! You can easily avoid this messy situation by keeping your gutters clean of leaves, dirt and by making sure that icicles aren’t clogging them. Also, it’s important to maintain the attic clean and well ventilated. This way, it will be easier to spot hidden leaks that may be damaging the ceiling below the roof.


Now, if you want to forget about ice issues in the long term, a good weatherization contractor is the answer to your prayers. Check out our siding and roofing Skilled Doers.


7. Don’t let snow accumulate on trees


If you have trees around your property, especially if the branches hang over your roof or your porch, try to avoid snow from accumulating on them. The weight can cause branches to crack and fall over your roof, damaging it. Or even worse: when a tree is weak and under too much strain from the accumulating snow, it can collapse and fall on your house, causing tremendous winter damage.


8. Take care of your fireplace


One last important suggestion: give professional maintenance to your fireplace. Preferably before and after the winter season or every time you hear strange crackling noises from the chimney or see too much smoke.


At JobJar, we believe it shouldn’t be hard to get stuff done around the house. So, take note of these tips that will help you avoid winter damage to your house and just get it done! Simply cuddle underneath a blanket and enjoy the season without worrying about damage to your property (or your wallet). But, if you have any problem whatsoever, you know where to find us.











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