Why Furnace Maintenance is So Important

Fall is already here and Winter is around the corner. The temperature will drop just as fast as the leaves fall from the trees outside. But there’s nothing to worry about because your heating is working just fine... Right? Well, if you didn’t do the proper furnace maintenance, you might end up freezing inside your own house or suffering some sort of furnace-related accident. Although these appliances are safer than ever and they are almost completely computerized, you shouldn't take them for granted. It’s true there are some checkups you can take care of on your own, but it’s best to rely on professionals for their regular maintenance. The regular inspection and maintenance of your furnace guarantees its proper functioning and avoids it from exploding or imploding. Don't put your home and family at risk!


How does your furnace work?
A furnace generates heat - in the form of water, steam or forced air- and its basic function is to keep your home warm and cozy. Water heats inside the appliance thanks to fuel combustion (it can be solid, liquid or gas), and the steam is later distributed throughout the furnace’s pipework. Due to the fact that it's a pressurized appliance, it could provoke explosions and implosions in your home. This might happen as a result of the lack or excess of internal pressure. It could also be caused by the collapse of its system components or due to the corrosion of its safety units. Let's look into it.
What other incidents might occur if you take your furnace maintenance for granted?
No matter the furnace you have at home, it's important to ensure that its maintenance is up to date. Visual daily inspections are crucial to detect any unusual events, just as the quarterly inspections that should be done by a professional. Part of the check-ups you need to do with him include:

● Test if the flame safeguard control is working properly.

● Clean all the ducts and replace the filters.

● Make sure that the combustion is functioning correctly.

● Inspect the condition of all the valves.

● Disassemble and inspect the safety valves and drainpipes.

● Clean the electric and steam heater.


What benefits can a regular furnace maintenance service provide?
1. Bill savings:

You should guarantee the effectiveness of your furnace's hot water production. It will reduce your power consumption, as well as your expenses. Furthermore, detection of any problem on time will keep you from buying spare parts.


2. It keeps your home and family safe:

The periodic inspection of your furnace guarantees its proper functioning and prevents accidents such as explosions and gas leaks. A little leak in your furnace might not represent a fatal threat, but exposing yourself to carbon monoxide during a long period of time might cause severe health problems. In return, regular furnace maintenance will help you detect possible leaks and prevent accidents.


3. It extends your furnace’s life:

If you carry out regular (and necessary!) maintenance checkups, you’ll enhance the furnace’s effectiveness. Constant optimal functioning translates into more years of better performance.


4. It’s better for the planet and your pocket!

A furnace that works properly reduces gas emissions and water consumption. It also saves you from additional expenses, such as chemical products for your furnace.

The best option

The importance of keeping your furnace in pristine conditions is quite evident. Relying on a professional who does regular and preventive maintenance check-ups is the best way to go.


Where to find the professionals you need for your furnace maintenance?

In JobJar’s directory, you’ll find Skilled Doers available for the services you need. All you need to do is to choose the one that suits you best and that's it!


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