This is how you can easily remove snow from trees


When winter snow covers the landscape, everything looks beautiful. It’s as if nature sets itself so we can take the perfect photograph, or just sit in front of the window on a Sunday afternoon to enjoy the view with a delicious cup of hot chocolate. Snow can be beautiful but, just like roses, dangerous as well. That's why it’s so important to know how to remove snow from trees, because the weight of it can cause damage to your roof and trees, so it’s important to be on the watch after it snows and keep the tree branches that surround your house free of accumulating snow.


At JobJar, we’re going to give you some tips so you can Just Get It Done! Pay attention because here is how to remove snow:


Pre-winter preparation

Our gardeners recommend having the good habit of pruning. This is important because if trees are kept at a moderate length, they will be tougher which helps when snow strikes.


Pruning is something difficult. So, if you don’t really know how to do it, we can help you find someone with experience. We suggest at least two prunes a year (winter and summer) for grown trees, but once a year if the tree is young.


You must also take into consideration protecting the tree roots. They are the last part of the tree to hibernate, so the weather will be very cold before roots can protect themselves. To avoid damage you could insulate the soil with a special cloak. This is how roots will be protected.


Light snow is cool, heavy snow is not

You should know that having a little snow covering the trees around your house is not something to worry about. What you need to be careful of is heavy snow, because that’s the one that can cause problems.


At JobJar, we suggest you don't wait until the snow is frozen to remove it from trees. It can be sort of tedious but trust us, it is better if you remove snow while it’s still falling. Otherwise, it’s likely that instead of making things better, you just cause more damage.


If you have evergreen trees around, you may have to be extra careful since foliage allows its branches to collect a lot of snow. This means that, after a heavy snowfall, evergreen trees are very susceptible to having broken branches.


In the case of light frozen snow or frozen rain on plants, it’s better if you just let it melt. This way, you’ll avoid causing more damages on trees or shrubs.


How to remove snow from trees

If you want to remove snow from trees in the most effective way possible, patience and delicacy are necessary. There are a couple of methods to get this job done.


You can gently brush the snow off using a broom with upward strokes or just your hands. You can also shake the branches of the tree. But – and this is a big “but” – you must be very careful while shaking the branches because they tend to be really fragile during winter. The excess weight on the tree branches can cause them to bend or break, making them fall on your house or on electrical wires. So if you want to do more good than harm, do it with care and caution, okay?


Please, do not use any de-icing salts on trees because those types of chemicals are toxic to them. It’s fine wanting to protect your house from any possible damages, but nature is important as well, so protect it!


Be safe and ask for help if needed

Remember that your safety should be a priority. So, be careful and ensure your safety while clearing snow. If you’re able to reach the branches by standing on the ground, then Just Get It Done! But if not, don’t try to climb under snowy and icy conditions because it’s not safe.


In case you fear any significant damage, don’t doubt on finding the right person for the job at JobJar. Create a new project and our Skilled Doers (handymen) can quote you so you can choose who you want to work with and Just Get It Done!




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