Time to just finish it up

The feeling of finishing something may be nicer than the feeling of getting off of work. Yet, we get it: it’s hard to find a reliable handyman, and no one has the time to search for one.

You are busy, but need that job done?

We fixed that. All you have to do is post as much information about what you need done, and we got the rest covered!

Step two:


Award your job to the Skilled Doer of your choice and enter your payment information. Remember, you only pay after your job is finished.

Step three:


When’s the last time you had time to relax? Kick back as your job gets done, and no: don’t spend it catching up on work. The only thing left to do is review your Skilled Doer!  

How does it work?


Step one:


Create your new job and begin reviewing candidates! Compare quotes so you can feel secure in your decision.

Tempted to procrastinate your household jobs?

After 18  years of experience, here’s what our Skilled Doer Don has to say about it:

$$ “I would highly recommend to clients that want to wait for a project not to. In some cases, when you leave it too long it costs you way more money in the end because your deterioration causes other deteriorations. In fact, sometimes it’s even dangerous!” $$

Don’t take the risk. By fixing up your job now, you can prevent much worse damage or even threats to the safety of those in the house.

Free time? a little DIY

Enjoy a little humour instead

We know you’re a busy person, and that’s why we’re here. You have enough to stress out about already and we don’t want that leaking pipe to be yet another thing. Let’s make this as easy as possible!

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