Welcome to JobJar 2.0!

Our new website and mobile app have been renovated to help you get it done. Our big reveal is coming soon!


We know you might have a few questions!

Have questions still unanswered? Please send them to our team and we will respond as quickly as possible.

How do I get started?

a. Login with the email you used for your account at the top right and click “Forgot Password”.  You can create a new one or use your old one!

Step 2: Confirm your account! Open up your email and copy the 6 digit code you see. This email may take a few minutes to hit your inbox. You will then be able to enter your password!

Do I have to re-enter my financial information?

 Your security is our priority and we do not keep any sensitive financial information. Therefore, you will have to enter your payment information again, but only before awarding a job. You are only charged after you confirm that the job is complete, and your payment is securely processed through Stripe.

What has changed?

 Besides our new mobile application, we have renovated our entire website with your experience in mind! You will be able to get your jobs done like never before.

Can I see my past jobs?


You won’t be able to access your past jobs. However, we have all of the information in a secure vault. If you need a receipt from a previous job, reach out to our team with your User ID and we will happily send it over! 

Can I rehire a Skilled Doer who I worked with in the past?


You’ll be able to post jobs and get answers way faster than before. Once your preferred Skilled Doer quotes on your job, you can award it to them right away!


How do I track my projects?


Under “My Projects”, you will find all of your project’s history, all in a new, revamped layout and design to make it easy for you to keep all of those projects organized! Whether awarded or completed, you will find all of your ongoing jobs organized by the status they are in.


Will I be able to review the Skilled Doers?


Yes, you bet! Once the job is completed, you will be able to give your Skilled Doer a review anywhere from 1-5 stars and comment up to 250 characters.


Can I chat with the Skilled Doer prior to Awarding the project?

    Our instant messaging platform is now streamlined to make chatting so convenient you won’t want to stop! Your Skilled Doers will get notifications on their mobile devices that you reached out or responded. This new chat system was designed to make sure you feel confident in Awarding the project to the right Skilled Doer.

Can I book a Skilled Doer to do the job without a credit card?


You can browse as many quotes as you need without your credit card, but you will need to enter it to book a Skilled Doer. Keep in mind that you will only be charged after confirming the job has been done right!

I have a job in progress or in quoting on the platform.


If you have a job in progress, you have 5 days to finish this job. 

If you have an open job on the platform, it will be relocated to the new website and mobile application. If you have questions, please send our team an email below!

Have the fees or the terms and conditions changed? 


No, the fee structure and terms and conditions will stay the same! We are still the JobJar you know and love, just new and improved!

When do I pay? 

The Skilled Doer will mark your job as completed as soon as it's done. That's when your payment will be securely processed!

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