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We truly believe in independence, which is why we encourage you to choose your own jobs and what you quote on them. Becoming a Skilled Doer means that you use our platform to get leads, but have no obligation to do anything other...

What are the most common injuries resulting from doing a home project yourself?!

  • Falling through a ceiling (oof!)

  • Falling off roof (double oof!)

  • Hitting self in face with a hammer

  • Hitting thumb with a hammer (clas...

Having a pet doesn't have to mean your home can't be both serene and cozy for everyone in it, including our furry friends!

The Seattle Times shares the best ways to maximize a space for both you and your pets. 


1). Creat...

Living in Canada comes with living in insane weather patterns, such as snow in the middle of September (and sometimes in the summer). We love the country anyways, but it does mean organizing a fall check-list early in the fall seas...


The handyman business works great as a part-time business. The overhead is low and it only takes a few hours per week to generate a profit as long as you charge enough for your services.

So in this a...

The leaves have started falling, and so are people who don’t rake them up properly! Which type of raking technique are you?

  1. The “rake-fanatic”: raking so hard that you damage the lawn. No leaf untouched!

  2. The “blow away”:...

Looking to start your very own handyman business? Your first steps in building a successful small business are: 

  1. Getting a business license. This only takes TWO days! 

  2.  Get insured! Having liability insurance gives you...

JobJar has partnered with MaxWell Realty, one of Canada’s pre-eminent real estate companies. Established in Alberta in 1999 by two bold visionary leaders in the real estate business, MaxWell has since bloomed into one of Canada's m...

JobJar prides itself on empowering small, local businesses, and TruShield Insurance has partnered with us to help protect our local, independent Skilled Doers!

Small business insurance is easy, even if you’re just getting started!


Beautiful art makes for a beautiful home.

Win a free $250 piece of art, hung professionally by one of our Skilled Doers!

Sign up with the code
"UPPSTART" to enter to win a $250 gift card for a beautiful UppstArt piece, along with a...

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